Cooking Thai Food

As a tourist in Chiang Mai one can learn a lot of things. Thai massage, Buddhist meditation, Muay Thai and cooking Thai dishes. After feasting on all the delicious stuff for the last couple of weeks I decided to get an idea of how to cook it myself. The cooking school I chose is a […]

Thalat Warorot

In Chiang Mai one of the markets where locals buy their stuff is Thalat Warorot. People sell everything there. Groceries, spices, herbs, clothes, garment, household needs and appliances, jewellery, hilltribe souvenirs – everything. The market is a 15 minute walk from the appartement where we are staying. A cheap alternative to get there is a […]


Thai massage, herbal ball massage, herbal sauna – this was a bit of a wellness weekend. Thai massage is very interesting and unlike other forms of massage I knew before. It involves a lot of stretching, pulling limbs and quite often I had a foot or knee in my back. It sure was effective, felt […]

Crazy Asia

If I had to describe Asia I’d say I can’t. It looks different, it smells different and it feels different. Coming to Australia was a change for me but the difference between Oz and Germany is minuscule compared to the difference between Thailand and Germany. And Thailand is the most western of the south-east Asian […]

Chiang Mai

On Saturday Hiro and I left Bangkok to go to Chiang Mai. It’s an 11 hours bus drive up into the mountains and a nice opportunity to see a little more of Thailand. Of Thailand and its roads as well, what I saw there is a bit exotic to say the least. The bus stopped […]

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