Chiang Mai

On Saturday Hiro and I left Bangkok to go to Chiang Mai. It’s an 11 hours bus drive up into the mountains and a nice opportunity to see a little more of Thailand. Of Thailand and its roads as well, what I saw there is a bit exotic to say the least.

The bus stopped a couple of times to allow for toilet visits and buying snacks and at 1:30 am we arrived in Chiang Mai. Compared to Bangkok the city is more relaxed and cleaner as well.

On Sunday night we went to see the local market where several streets are filled with stands and people.

That’s also where I had to say goodbye to my wallet. Whether it was lost or stolen I don’t know but as I kept it in a pocket that was closed with a button the latter is more likely. The monetary loss is minimal but re-organizing all the plastic will be a nuisance. Bugger.

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