Thai massage, herbal ball massage, herbal sauna – this was a bit of a wellness weekend. Thai massage is very interesting and unlike other forms of massage I knew before. It involves a lot of stretching, pulling limbs and quite often I had a foot or knee in my back. It sure was effective, felt like butter in the sun afterwards.

Other than that food is still my main point of interaction with the Thai culture. Just now we returned from a three hour shopping and eating frenzy on the Sunday market. This time my wallet wasn’t stolen and I could spend the money on food and souvenirs.

Next week I want to leave Chiang Mai for a couple of days to go north to Chiang Rai. Rainforest and mountain trekking are on the schedule. Here’s some impressions from Chiang Mai so far:

The (former) Moat

This Tuk-Tuk Driver seems to be a fan of ‘Pimp my Ride’

Fruit Shop

Noodle Soup with Chicken

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