Gone already

Getting into Thailand from Houay Xai was dead easy. We walked down to the ‘immigration checkpoint’, got stamped out and took the ‘ferry’ over to Chiang Khong. A seven hours bus ride brought us into Chiang Mai. That town feels a bit like home by now, after all that travelling it’s nice to come to […]

Women Shoes

Recently I met with Chiang Mai based couchsurfer Palm, who runs a shop selling handmade shoes in her own designs. She mentioned that she’d be visiting a new shoemaker to see if they could do business together and I had asked her to take me along. Thus on Monday I joined her mum and her […]


Once again I’m down with some kind of fever – that’s the third time or so in Asia. It’s not too bad though and I’ll hopefully be fit in a couple of days. My next station will be Phnom Penh, Cambodia, but I won’t leave Thailand and it’s good medical system until I’m sure I’m […]

Muay Thai

In Thailand Muay Thai or Thai boxing has a role similar to that of soccer in South America. It is a way for children from underprivileged families to become famous and earn loads of money. The sport’s Mecca is the Lumpini stadium in Bangkok where the highest prize money is paid and tickets cost up […]

A little Trek

Being surrounded by lush rainforest and picturesque valleys I was eager to do a bit of walking. On Saturday I joined forces with Tom and Cathy to explore a waterfall roughly an hour away from the bungalows. The first part of the way is a ‘road’ that is used by local farmers. Road means it’s […]

City Intermezzo

The two nights at the bungalows were simply amazing, thanks to a great location, a gifted host, friendly locals and a pleasant group of other guests. We headed back to the city as Samart had some business to take care of (no wifi in the countryside) and I had offered to help him with his […]

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