Cádiz final

Joined a 2h walking tour today (free/by donation), learned a bit about the city’s history and picked up some fun facts along the way.

Napoleon never managed to conquer the city and when he finally retreated, he left behind his cannons. To this day they serve as “corner protectors” for the houses’ edges in the narrow alleys.

IMG_9300I had a really nice time here in Cádiz and it’s one of those places where I could imagine spending a little more time. But only during summer, when it’s possible to swim in the ocean. Today the swell was almost man-high, great fun playing around in that! Tomorrow I’m off to Seville so it’s good-bye ocean for now.

Some impressions from the walking tour.

20151001_104748  IMG_9295 IMG_9294IMG_9302


Cádiz, one of the oldest cities in Europe and surrounded on 3 3/4 sides by water is currently providing me with shelter within its ancient walls.

IMG_9930The old town is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. The buildings are in good shape, free of satellite dishes and the alleys too narrow to park cars.


IMG_9928The place is rather affordable and a meal can be had for 4-5 Euros (small Cerveza included). Tapas are very common, which means that one can try small portions of several dishes. Bit like Southeast Asia.

By now I have largely recovered from “the week without sleep” and have also gotten a fair bit of work done. My usual after-work program is a swim in the ocean and then sitting idly by the sea.