Port Bilbao

Not much to say about the last 24h in Tangier. Took a taxi to the airport at noon and for most of the 25 minute ride, the cabbie gave me a briefing on Moroccan politics. He also proudly pointed out that his Mercedes (good German car!) was almost as old as me (built 1984) and […]

First Time Africa

The big and anonymous city hostel in Girona was a contrast to all the small, family run places I had stayed at on the Balkans. There I was welcomed, showed to my room and later on greeted by name. In Girona I was handed some bedsheets and given directions on where to find my bunk. […]

Part 1: Finished

That’s it, Balkans! Pretty much one month after arriving in Budapest, I left from Thessaloniki today. It’s been a great trip with many interesting experiences, lots of great people and countless sights and places. If I were to do it again, I’d give myself more time though. Four weeks for 6-7 countries is too much […]

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