Nope, Madrid, nope

There is a cathedral around the corner, it’s heavy old doors bolted shut.

Just like my heart to Madrid. We are not becoming friends.

Normally it takes me half a day to find out where the good stuff is. Food, coffee, staff, … not so in Madrid. After two days and eight coffee shops I still haven’t had a single good cup of coffee.

Beer is mostly Heineken or Bitburger, local brews far in between. Food was mostly mediocre as well. Notable exception being yesterday’s dinner: Pluma Iberico. OMB, that stuff melted on the tongue.

Neighbourhood-wise I’ve strolled through MalasaƱa, Chueca and La Latina. The smell of piss a steady companion in all of them.

Flying out tomorrow and looking forward to it. It’s not that Berlin smells much better, but at least I know where to treat my palate.

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