Glad to leave: Prague

The worst tourist dump ever. The whole old town of Prague seems to exist solely for the purpose of providing a selfie background for intoxicated foreigners. We had found ourselves in the middle of that after arriving in the late afternoon by train from Bratislava. Fortunately the area west across the river was a little […]

Hiking Slovakia #2

With amazing forested hills just outside the door, there was no way we wouldn’t go for another hike today. This time we benefited from frequent local trains that run up-and-down the eastern side of the Little Carpathians. With countless stops to choose from, we opted to exit at Svätý Jur (Sweaty You). Through a small […]

Hiking Slovakia #1

Just outside the gates of Bratislava starts the mountain range of the Little Carpathians, providing plenty of opportunities for hiking (and sports). Yesterday public transport took us some 20 minutes from our place right to the foot of the south-western edge of the mountains. Even at ten in the morning the temperatures were past 30°, […]


Austrian Airlines has a connection Tegel to Vienna every two hours. Vienna itself doesn’t tempt me, but from the airport it’s less than an hour by bus to Bratislava. Very convenient. We arrived in the early afternoon and checked into a holiday appartment just next to the Danube. Not the worst view I ever had. […]


April 15, 2010. More than nine years ago, I wrote the first post in this blog. Nine years! I would not have imagined that back then. This very post is the 600th post to be published. Also something I would not have imagined. Going travelling back then was one of the most important turning points […]

Berlin Basketball

Went to see a premier league basketball game for – I think – the first time in my life. Berlin was playing Ulm in the quarterfinals. Such a relaxed and family friendly affair. I only have soccer as a comparison, where it’s usually a lot of drunk people and heaps of police, versus… this: Only […]

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