Berlin Basketball

Went to see a premier league basketball game for – I think – the first time in my life. Berlin was playing Ulm in the quarterfinals.

Such a relaxed and family friendly affair. I only have soccer as a comparison, where it’s usually a lot of drunk people and heaps of police, versus… this:

Only 10,000 in attendance though, that makes a difference to the 50k+ you see in a Bundesligastadion.

The pre-game program was similar: music, talks and players warming up on the field. The offical player-entry had a fair bit of pyro effects.

The game itself was good, with both parties putting in a lot of effort and keeping it even till pretty much half-time. Something I like a lot about Basketball is how the score accurately reflects a team’s performance, thanks to final standings like 100:83. In soccer, the dominating (but not scoring) team might loose to a lucky goal in the final minute.

All-in-all an enjoyable experience. Would go again.

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