Over and out

Just handed in the notice for my flat. I’m moving out on the 5th of March.

The agency I was in touch with didn’t get back to me – despite what they said. For Monday I had an interview with another agency scheduled but they gave me a ring to tell me the interview was cancelled and that they’d do a phone-interview later that day instead. Which they didn’t.

Yesterday an agency I interviewed with weeks ago rang me and asked if I was interested in a position they were looking to fill. They required a skill-set that was so far away from mine, they could have been looking for an experienced truck driver as well, wouldn’t have made a difference. What do these people have my CV for?

Simply said, I’m just sick of this. Are these people lying to my face? Are they just incredibly unorganised? I don’t care any more.  If New Zealand or Auckland was a place where I’d like to stay then I would have beared with it for longer. But there is basically nothing to keep me here.

After the time in Oz I was surprised, even shocked to experience the people here in Auckland. From all I knew before coming here, Aussies and Kiwis are not very different. Yet the experiences I made were very different, not only in business but also in private life.

On this side of the Tasman sea I met so many close-minded and xenophobic people, I couldn’t believe they are supposed to have anything in common with the Aussies I met. Ask for directions in the streets of Auckland and people will treat you like an idiot. No sense of helpful friendliness.

I will now organise an ordered retreat and figure out what the best way for my return to Germany is.

More Uncertainty

So far I haven’t handed in my notice for the flat. The only reason for that is the interview I had last week.

The job description sounded very good with interesting projects, recent technology and some international travel (an issue for many but a bonus for me). On top of that an above average pay would make any money worries a memory.

The manager who conducted the interview seemed quite happy with me as well. We talked for 1.5 hours, he mentioned that they are looking to hire 4-5 developers at the moment and in the end he told me that if it was up to him, I’d start the following Monday. An interview with a programming lead would be necessary before that though.

Since then I haven’t heard back from them. Today I contacted the agency that got me in touch with the company and asked for the status quo. I was told that they got very positive feedback from the manager and were sorting out the second interview.

How the f*** can you take that long to arrange an interview?

Decision Time

The company that brought me in for interviews last week would be one of the last places I would want to work at. Just an unprofessional bunch of hackers. Kinda reminded me of my last employer in Germany, the one that made me hate my profession.

Sure enough they came back to me this week, asking me to come in for a third interview with the management. That usually means they are willing to hire me. They only had a permanent position on offer and there is no way I could stand that place for more than a few month. I could of course lie in their faces, tell them I’d stay with them for years and then just bugger of after 3-4 months. But I’m too much of a good guy to do that so I politely told them I wasn’t interested in the position.

That might have been my last chance of staying in NZ but I’d rather do a proper job in Germany than a crap job in NZ.

I had an interview with another company up north today and that position sounded way more interesting and rewarding. They told me they’d be in touch soon. I’ve heard that before.

Unless I have reasonable hopes of signing a contract in the very near future, I’ll hand in the notice for my apartment on Friday and be gone three weeks later. Make another stopover in Asia, burn my last money and be back in Germany for the spring. I can’t really look forward to that.