More Uncertainty

So far I haven’t handed in my notice for the flat. The only reason for that is the interview I had last week.

The job description sounded very good with interesting projects, recent technology and some international travel (an issue for many but a bonus for me). On top of that an above average pay would make any money worries a memory.

The manager who conducted the interview seemed quite happy with me as well. We talked for 1.5 hours, he mentioned that they are looking to hire 4-5 developers at the moment and in the end he told me that if it was up to him, I’d start the following Monday. An interview with a programming lead would be necessary before that though.

Since then I haven’t heard back from them. Today I contacted the agency that got me in touch with the company and asked for the status quo. I was told that they got very positive feedback from the manager and were sorting out the second interview.

How the f*** can you take that long to arrange an interview?

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