Food Feast and Interviews

Yesterday some friends and couchsurfers came over for Thai food. I was a bit overwhelmed by the response to my invitation and in the end it was eleven of us who needed to be fed from two hot plates. Good thing that Thai food can be cooked quickly, once all the preparations are done. As I don’t have a massive dinner table, we had the food Thai-style: on the floor.

We had a broad range of nationalities around the ‘table’: Argentinian, Chinese, German, Indonesian, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Ukrainian and US-American. No Kiwis though and that reflects my experience with them. Kiwis are generally a friendly bunch but they are not overly keen on mingling outside their usual social group. Thus the people I usually hang out with all work and live in NZ but all of them immigrated at some point in their life. No ‘genuine’ Kiwis.

I got some first feedback to my applications, two recruitment agencies invited me for interviews this week. Both interviews went quite well but neither agency has a position that would be a good fit for me at the moment. However both seemed interested and want to be in contact again next week. Will see.

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