Lack of Professionalism?

Recently I got an email after being invited for an interview with an agency. It read

Please bring passport
Room and forms please

Wondering why the recruiter would ask me for a room and forms, I checked the recipient list of the mail and saw that their front desk received a copy of that mail. How lazy can you be? Is it unprofessional? I’d have written two mails.

The lady doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the impression her mails leave, as the next one started like this

Thank you very Patrick,
Should a role that comes up that matched your skills […]

Hang on, I’m not a native speaker and even to me that looks sloppy. Had I written something like that while being hung over and sleep deprived, I’d still feel embarrassed for such obvious mistakes. Am I expecting too much from business related communications?

Yesterday a co-worker of that woman rang me to discuss a job offer with me. I was about to board a bus and couldn’t take the call, thus offered to call him back in the afternoon. I did exactly that but was told that he was in a meeting at the time. I asked them to let him know I rang and to ask for a call back. Now it’s 24 hours later and I haven’t heard back from that guy.

If it was a one-off thing I wouldn’t bother, but this keeps happening. The recruiter who interviewed me last week told me he’d like me to do an online assessment and said he’d send me the link a day later. A week later I’m still waiting. Now the question is, should I call him or should I stay away from people that unreliable?

Things like that make it difficult for me to estimate situations. Yesterday I had an interview with a small software company out west. 25 minutes into the interview it was obvious for me that I wouldn’t be the right fit for the position. As the interviewer ended the meeting at that point, I assumed he had the same impression. He thanked me for coming by, told me they had some more people coming in and that they’d be in touch.

When you hear that from a recruiter in Germany, you don’t need to wait for them to get back to you. They won’t. Seems to be different here, later that day they sent me an email, asking me to come in for another interview on Friday. I replied, suggesting a time for the meeting and haven’t heard back since. Of course not.

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