Difference #5: On the Road

Travelling long distances on the road in Australia is different. It’s not just the driving on the other side of the road. There is no separate speed limit for trucks, pretty much regardless of their size. That means that if you’re obeying the speed limit or even stay a bit below it you will sooner […]

Fighting Kangaroos

This one’s a bit older. The place where I stayed for the night in the Snowy Mountains weeks ago did not only feature an amazing 270° panorama view but also wildlife at its best. After the sunset I heard a lot of noise in the bushes and when I went to have a look I […]

Great Ocean Road

People say when you come to visit Australia you have to see three things: The rock, the reef and the road. The rock being Uluru and the road being the Great Ocean Road (GOR). The road was built between the two world wars by returned soldiers to commemorate their casualties. It is as such a […]

Back on the Coast

After conquering the summit my way led me back to the coast. I missed the ocean and was happy to have a relaxed day on the beach. I didn’t really feel like moving anyway, my legs hurt pretty badly after the walk up and down the mountain the day before. For the night I stayed […]

The Capital

After leaving the farm I made a stop in Canberra, Australia’s capital. The city is somewhat weird. For a capital it is unusually calm and wide. It probably is the only capital in the world that doesn’t have an international airport. In Katoomba I met a guy from Canberra and he told me that most […]

Back on the Road

On Tuesday morning I went to talk to the mechanic about the broken alternator. The shop is specialised in car electrics and car audio and the show room looked accordingly. Unfortunately they had no mechanics on service because of another public holiday. Getting one would have cost a $80 call out fee so we decided […]

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