Hebron, Take 2

The news haven’t been pretty but when I decided to go to the Middle East, I knew it wouldn’t all be roses and chocolate. Despite what is going on, I still believe that I’ll be save and hence decided to stick with my travel plans. The late night departure from Barcelona was a bit messy […]

Going to Palestine

Two questions I got a lot over the past couple of weeks: “Why do you have a painted toe nail?” and “Why do you want to go to Palestine and teach English?”. While the former could only be replied to in a rather vague and obscure way, the latter has a much more straight forward […]


Tuesday was supposed to be my lazy day. I had extended my 3-night stay in Ramallah to a 5-day one and wanted to spend my last day with doing nothing besides some writing and drinking coffee. Fellow traveller Nigel got in the way though. He’s working as a journalist and mentioned that he’d join an […]


Time for a delayed trip report! On Monday I followed Hiba’s invitation for a tour around Nablus. The town is about an hour from Ramallah on the shared taxi. I managed to arrive half an hour late by first forgetting my passport (had to return to get it) and then taking the one taxi that […]

Through the Checkpoint

I felt a little sad about having to leave Palestine. In a very short time I had met a lot of amazing people. It wasn’t just the incredibly friendly and hospitable locals but also the travellers who had made their way into the West Bank. After a last Arabic coffee (cardamom flavoured), I got onto […]

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