About to leave

For the last couple of days I mostly rested my lazy bum on the beach and when I moved it, it was to go to the restaurant, to the 7-eleven (ice cream and cold drinks) or the massage house. As much as I enjoy doing that it is unfortunately burning my funds much quicker than […]

Thoughts on Thais

One of my favourite places on Koh Tao is a small food shop on the main road. It doesn’t look like much but they serve really nice and authentic Thai food. By my experience those places often have the best deals, the food is good and the prices are low. The regular restaurants catering more […]

Slacking around

When the diving was finished Hiro and I moved to the southern part of the island to have a couple of relaxed days. We got ourselves a bungalow overlooking Shark Bay. Getting to the beach was a bit of a pain in the lower back but the view from the veranda was very nice (it […]


Day 2 of the diving course started deep. The boat took us out to the diving site and we went down to 28.4m. At a depth like that the colour red almost vanishes, making an object that is red at the surface appear black. The pressure is at 4 bar which means that a plastic […]

Diving Thai Style

The sea around Koh Tao has a temperature of 31°C and the visibility is 10-15m at the moment. Not the worst conditions for diving although the visibility could be a bit better. Compared to the reef in Cairns the dive spots here have one big advantage. The scenery when you get out of the water […]

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