Day 2 of the diving course started deep. The boat took us out to the diving site and we went down to 28.4m. At a depth like that the colour red almost vanishes, making an object that is red at the surface appear black. The pressure is at 4 bar which means that a plastic bottle full of surface air is flat like the Netherlands. We just stayed for a couple of minutes at this depth and continued the dive in shallower water.

The last dive on the schedule was the one I had been looking forward to the most. Underwater Photography. When taking pictures under water one faces a couple of challenges. The light is worse, the colours are distorted and there are a lot of particles between the camera and the object one wants to take a picture of.

All these factors mean that getting as close as possible to the object is the key to good pictures. That again is not as easy as it sounds because standing on the reef is not an option and hovering on one spot is pretty difficult in the ocean. But when it works out the results are rewarding.

Back on the island we had to visit the classroom for some Q&A. Honestly, getting a PADI certificate is so easy it’s ridiculous. You’d have to try to drown on purpose to be denied your license. Thus two hours later I was officially certified as an advanced open water diver, yay!

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