The Blue Mountains are one of the best places in Australia for climbing. There are always some people at the hostel who have some gear and today Jenn and Elliam invited us to come along to a nearby climbing site. It’s been almost a year since the last time I was on the wall and […]


Aussies are relaxed, that includes the ambulance. Last night one of the girls in the hostel stumbled down a step and broke her ankle. We called 000 expecting to get quick help. The phone call took a long time and the operator was asking the same questions repeatedly (we had a native speaker on the […]

Happy New Year Everybody!

2010 is gone and I spent most of it in Australia. It was by far the best year of my adult life and even in troublesome times I never regretted having come to Oz. December was a month that brought a lot of problems. It ended with more problems and Hiro and me spending New […]

Wentworth Falls

Just a couple of minutes from Katoomba on the Great Western Highway towards Sydney lies the small town of Wentworth Falls. It’s named after a nearby waterfall and the whole area offers some nice walks. One of the tracks leads across the top of the waterfall on stepping stones in the water. Such warning signs […]

Hanging Rock

We’re still in Katoomba. The weather has been a bit unstable during the last days but yesterday it was good enough to go for a little walk. We wanted to see the hanging rock. Even though that place made it to the cover of the Lonely Planet Australia (backpacker travel guide) it’s on none of […]

A new Fuel Pump

On Monday I gave the wreckers in Lawson a call to ask if they’d have time to fit in the fuel pump. Unfortunately they forgot about it and asked me to call them back on Wednesday. I guess if you’re more laid back than an Aussie you’re gonna fall over. As I wasn’t too sure […]

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