Revised Verdict

It was a couple of years ago that my verdict about Singapore was “boring and expensive” (or something along those lines).


And in part, that still holds true. It is an oasis of peace compared to the utter madness that is down-town Manila, Bangkok or Saigon. But with the colourfully lit CBD and the hawker centres (food), it does have something to offer.


Might only justify a stay of 1-2 nights, but still. And looking at the cost then yes, it’s the most expensive country in Southeast Asia, but it’s still affordable at roughly 50-60% of what one would have to spend on food and the likes in Europe.


Today is a day for contrasts and if everything goes as planned, I’ll trade the shining and sterile Singaporean CBD for the underdeveloped and earthquake-ridden streets of Kathmandu.

Going to Nepal was a decision that took a while to ripen but I think in the end it makes sense. One major reason is that Canada, my next bigger adventure, is still way too cold. But Nepal is also a hot spot for volunteering and all kinds of NGOs, which makes me hope to get in touch with a few people and learn something about the field. So far all is looking good and I can’t remember the last time that I travelled to a country while having so many leads and potential contacts on file.

Last but not least, the country offers world-class trekking and if I get really bored, I can drop by the next temple and give meditation another go…


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