Dusty but colourful

It’s incredible, how dusty this city is. Blowing one’s nose is not a pretty sight around here. Dust masks are common in people’s faces and from what I’ve gathered so far, it’ll be a while before the next rain brings relief. Despite the dust, everything in Kathmandu is pretty colourful, especially the clothes. While the […]


Started the day with a walk into Thamel (after breakfast that is) to have a look for some warmer clothing. Pretty much straight after entering the touristy area, I was frequently approached by trekking guides and others, who hope to make a few dollars. One of the guys seemed nice enough and I followed him […]


Approaching Singapore by means of air transport is quite a sight. Coming in over the sea, one looks down on an endless amount of cargo ships and, if sitting on the right side of the plane, the CBD. Looks especially pretty at night. All that is nothing compared to the approach on Kathmandu though. Descending […]

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