I’m starting to warm up to Morocco. During the first couple of days I was still a bit under the weather from the Balkan travels. Adding to that a noisy city and a lot of annoying touts and the result is a rather cranky me. After three nights in the city I jumped onto a […]


The place I’m staying at is an old, rather tiny building with doors a head shorter than me. It’s narrow stairways and colourful interior seem oddly familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on where I’d have seen something similar before. A rooftop terrace is overlooking the neighbourhood maze and on a clear day […]

First Time Africa

The big and anonymous city hostel in Girona was a contrast to all the small, family run places I had stayed at on the Balkans. There I was welcomed, showed to my room and later on greeted by name. In Girona I was handed some bedsheets and given directions on where to find my bunk. […]

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