Bangkok’s buzzing

It’s business as usual. Bangkok is smelly, smoggy, crowded, hot and humid. In the beginning I always wonder why I’m staying here again and again but the answer comes with the first stroll through the streets: It’s interesting. Getting bored in Bangkok is almost impossible. I started yesterday evening with a massage. There isn’t any […]


Time for a delayed trip report! On Monday I followed Hiba’s invitation for a tour around Nablus. The town is about an hour from Ramallah on the shared taxi. I managed to arrive half an hour late by first forgetting my passport (had to return to get it) and then taking the one taxi that […]

Belgrade at Night

The local government doesn’t shy away from spending a few tax dollars on illuminating the city’s shiniest buildings. Good reason to grab the camera and head out for an evening/night walk. Both of the above buildings are about three minutes walking distance from the hostel. The church below about 15-20 minutes.

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