Yangon’s main bus station is more a small village than a station. The individual companies have their offices along several small streets, which are all packed with buses. The air is filled with suffocating diesel fumes and still, people sit down for a drink or a bite to eat. Most of the drive up north […]

Next stop: Beach

Quiet day with a bit of work and exploring street food around the hostel. At the train station now, waiting for the bus to Ngwe Saung beach. Not a big fan of overnight buses but it was kind of the lesser of two evils.

Pagoda in the Water

Bus stops in Yangon are a noisy thing. Conductors of waiting and arriving buses shout directions and routes at the top of their lungs. For somebody who doesn’t understand the language nor is able to read the numbers, it is a somewhat confusing experience. Luckily I had student of the German language and future tourist […]

Not Shwedagon

The big Shwedagon pagoda is one of the main sights in Yangon and accordingly the government and many merchants are happy to make a few dollars out of it. Today I came by one of the many smaller pagodas in the city and went inside for a short visit. The atmosphere was really relaxed with […]

More Yangon

I feel really creative with my post titles lately… After yesterdays social times, I had more nice experiences coming today. A local couchsurfer had contacted me a week or two ago and offered to show me around the city. We met in the early afternoon and I learned that she is studying German at the […]

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