Tuesday was supposed to be my lazy day. I had extended my 3-night stay in Ramallah to a 5-day one and wanted to spend my last day with doing nothing besides some writing and drinking coffee. Fellow traveller Nigel got in the way though. He’s working as a journalist and mentioned that he’d join an […]

More local Experiences

On day 2 of my Palestine adventure I met up with another local couchsurfer, Hiba. We walked around the city a little and she gave me a bit of a background about herself. Being a pharmacist and having studied foreign languages (German) at the local Goethe Institute, she certainly is part of the educated population. […]

Ramallah relaxed

After the initial shock of the noisy market in front of the hostel, I found Ramallah to be a very relaxed and calm city. People in the streets are friendly and I get a lot of “Welcome” and “Hello”. Not a lot of tourists around here. Later in the day I met up with a […]

Into the West Bank

Left the hostel in Jerusalem in the late morning and took the local bus to Ramallah. Good deal, 8 NIS / 2 EUR for the 40 minute ride. Crossed the wall at one of the checkpoints – fortified like the inner-German border in the 80s. Arrived at the hostel in Ramallah not much later. Everybody […]

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