Nepalis in Portugal

One bed, a wardrobe, three chairs, a small desk and a low table are a lot of furniture for a room of approximately 16sqm. Every seating surface, including the bed, is occupied and in total there is nine of us in the place. Shiva’s picture is hanging on the wall and a Nepali flag flies […]

Web Summit: Wrapping it up

We spent Wednesday at our small stand, pitching the project of career counselling in Nepal to hundreds of visitors. The aim was not only to find investors, but also to attract additional developers who could support me in building the platform. It is difficult to say now what kind of impact that will have mid- […]

Web Summit

The opening night yesterday featured some rather prominent names from major international organisation, i.e. the UN and the World Bank. Naturally politicians lie the moment they open their mouths, so not much was to be expected in regards to content. What was interesting though was to hear politicians talking to an audience that is highly […]

A Day in Lisbon

Started the city-exploration with a visit to the Oceanarium. Didn’t expect much and was pleasantly surprised. Well-done place and fortunately not too busy. After that a visit to the old town. Just another temple for the gods of tourism and money – horrible place.

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