Exploring the Island

Finally, internet access! The power outages on this island are as frequent as the nightly monsoon downpour. Yesterday we went to discover the south of the island with Sao beach being our main destination. It’s only 25km away but the roads are in a disastrous condition, parts of it dirt-tracks with more pot-holes than solid […]

Good Morning Vietnam!

I had to write a post titled with that sentence, it was inevitable. Phu Quoc has been treating me well, it is a pleasantly undeveloped island and even though there is several resorts on the island, it is still far away from Koh Tao and other Thai islands. The town I’m staying at still has […]


From all the countries in SEA I was interested in Vietnam the most. Simply because it is the only country I had an idea of before I came here. I heard about it and saw it in movies, books, computer games and a few school lessons. Yet the more I learned about travelling here, the […]

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