Turnover and Brains

Finding a good place to eat in developing countries can pose a bit of a challenge. Tracking down eateries that serve yummy food is obviously important, but actually poses less of a problem. Simply because if the food at a place is not to your liking, you can just write off the dollar and try […]

Laid back in Pokhara

It’s safe to say that my current lifestyle isn’t the most stressful. Just to clarify: I do work and it’s usually five days a week. I just don’t work too much. Pokhara lends itself to a more relaxed attitude. Traffic on the main road is never dense and pedestrians’ walking speed by the lake is […]

Khopra Ridge Trek Day 9

All good things are coming to an end and that includes this trek. Having done more walking than anticipated in the previous days, the 10-day trek had turned into a 9-day one. No biggie though, I was starting to get a bit exhausted. The day started with a short walk to the old Ghandruk village, […]

Khopra Ridge Trek Day 8

Mulde Viewpoint sits on the hill rising above Dobato and it blows the popular Poon Hill out of the water. Not wanting to get out of bed too early, I suggested to leave the lodge at 6:30 and still profit from the clear morning air. And boy was that a clear morning. We spent more […]

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