Truly last day

Ok now I’m starting to get a bit sad about my approaching departure. Spent the morning with Jeepney rides to the post office and am now sitting in a mall cafe, killing time. In my previous posts on Manila I’ve mainly shown the poor and shabby parts of the cities. That’s because those are the […]

Last Day: Chinatown

Something a lot of people recommend as a Manila activity is a visit to Chinatown. It is supposed to be an interesting sight and a feast for the palate. The latter was my main motivation for going. Getting there took a while but in the end was quite easy, thanks to good directions by the […]

Around Manila

When it comes to discovering local food, there is nothing better than joining someone local who knows their way around the place. A really big place in case of Manila. The metro Manila area is formed by 16 cities with a total population of I don’t know how many million people. Friday around lunch time […]

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