Laos from above

Once again, time to get up early. My taxi was to pick me up at 6:30 and I needed some time to enjoy one of these Vietnamese coffees. The ride to the airport was shorter than expected and I arrived half an hour before check-in opened. That’s something new for a change, usually I queue […]


Hanoi’s old quarter is a busy labyrinth of small streets packed with shops and people. My hotel is somewhere in there and I just have to step out the door to be in midst the chaos. Before doing that I needed a coffee though and Vietnam is a good place to get one. Vietnamese coffee […]

The Eagle has landed

5:30 in the morning, my alarm is ringing. Good thing my room has a window showing the sunrise over the Mekong – additional incentive for getting up. My bags are already packed (mostly), so half an hour later I’m ready for pick-up. Pretty much on time (for SEA standards) my lift arrives at the hotel […]

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