Noisy Night

Vaguely I remember Deutsche Bahn’s advertisement for overnight trains: “Arrive refreshed at your holiday location”, “Save one day of travelling”, etc. Those reasons and a good experience on a trip to Denmark years ago probably made me decide on the overnight train option. The journey started well. Turns out when you pay a little extra […]

Bye bye Budapest, hello Balaton

Ok, couldn’t fit more B-words into the title. Left Dunakeszi this morning by train and changed onto another train to Balaton in Budapest. Changing trains isn’t always easy there, as different parts of the country are served by different stations. In my case “changing trains” meant: Arrive in Nyugati, take a tram, take the Metro […]

Budapest Photos

Saturday was a lazy day with a few hours of work in the morning and a nice trip to the area north of Budapest in the afternoon. View from the restaurant was pretty amazing. Today I saw a little more of Budapest itself. With temperatures around 35° it was a wee bit warm for a […]

Beautiful Budapest

This city has some seriously good looking buildings. Seeing the parliament for the first time is a true “Neat!” moment. It should be mentioned though that not every building looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. The subway that took me into the city (M3) had a distinct Soviet flair. Of course no […]


Flight from Berlin was smooth. Bus to the airport was rather late and security took ages but I was at the gate about 20 minutes before take-off. Got picked up in Budapest by my former co-worker and his wife and am now staying at their place just outside of Budapest. Nice and quiet!

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