Budapest Photos

Saturday was a lazy day with a few hours of work in the morning and a nice trip to the area north of Budapest in the afternoon. View from the restaurant was pretty amazing.

IMG_9004Today I saw a little more of Budapest itself. With temperatures around 35° it was a wee bit warm for a city trip but it was never too difficult to find a shadowy area.

IMG_9758My walk led me along Andrássy út and its countless old and beautiful buildings, towards heroes’ square.

IMG_9766Just behind it, a park area opens up. The palace buildings that are strewn across it don’t look too shabby either.

IMG_9771The city’s oldest Metro and its newest tram took me to the southern part of Buda. Dodged a fare there because I didn’t know that you can’t change transport with a single ticket.

Final stop of the day: View over Budapest.

IMG_9781 IMG_9784

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