Next Stop: Belgrade–Glavna

That’s hopefully something I’ll be hearing early in the morning tomorrow. The plan is to leave Révfülöp in the afternoon, arrive in Budapest without too much of a delay and then catch the overnight train to Belgrade at 22:30. Should be interesting one way or another. Balaton has been relaxing and I got a lot […]

Ahh! It’s touristy!

I knew that Lake Balaton is a very popular destination. Just somehow I had the hope that this small village that hardly shows up on a map would be a little more quiet. But pretty much all the villages around the lake seem to have one thing in common: A camping area and a lake […]

Bye bye Budapest, hello Balaton

Ok, couldn’t fit more B-words into the title. Left Dunakeszi this morning by train and changed onto another train to Balaton in Budapest. Changing trains isn’t always easy there, as different parts of the country are served by different stations. In my case “changing trains” meant: Arrive in Nyugati, take a tram, take the Metro […]

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