Next Stop: Belgrade–Glavna

That’s hopefully something I’ll be hearing early in the morning tomorrow. The plan is to leave Révfülöp in the afternoon, arrive in Budapest without too much of a delay and then catch the overnight train to Belgrade at 22:30. Should be interesting one way or another.

Balaton has been relaxing and I got a lot of work and travel planning done. When I arrived I thought about leaving the next day but once I had found a few quiet corners, I stuck around for a bit longer.

Not sure about how representative for the whole of Balaton this village is, but if the rest is anything like it, then most of Lake Balaton’s shores are fenced off and only available to paying customers. The fees are low enough (€1.50 a day) but the whole setting is something that would make me not come back any time soon.

Again, that shouldn’t sound too negative. The Lake is really nice and the “hinterland” is pretty much devoid of tourists.

20150811_153846 20150813_081959



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