Bye bye NZ

Once again my bags are packed and I am ready to leave. I’ll spend my last night at the hostel and be off to the airport tomorrow morning. NZ and I never got to terms and my time here was a low in two years of travelling. Yet I reckon a few days in the […]

Over and out

Just handed in the notice for my flat. I’m moving out on the 5th of March. The agency I was in touch with didn’t get back to me – despite what they said. For Monday I had an interview with another agency scheduled but they gave me a ring to tell me the interview was […]

More Uncertainty

So far I haven’t handed in my notice for the flat. The only reason for that is the interview I had last week. The job description sounded very good with interesting projects, recent technology and some international travel (an issue for many but a bonus for me). On top of that an above average pay […]

More Auckland

Having spent two months here, I have picked up some knowledge about Auckland. Something everybody agrees upon is how unique the public transportation system is. Mentioning it makes people chuckle, roll their eyes or start a rant. It is, in blunt words, total and utter crap. Getting to the job interview on Wednesday required me […]

Decision Time

The company that brought me in for interviews last week would be one of the last places I would want to work at. Just an unprofessional bunch of hackers. Kinda reminded me of my last employer in Germany, the one that made me hate my profession. Sure enough they came back to me this week, […]

Lack of Professionalism?

Recently I got an email after being invited for an interview with an agency. It read Please bring passport Room and forms please Wondering why the recruiter would ask me for a room and forms, I checked the recipient list of the mail and saw that their front desk received a copy of that mail. […]

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