Even more Waterfalls

Day two of our tours around Cairns program started a bit rough due to problems with the rental car. It was stalling all the time at traffic lights which is a bit unusual for an automatic. We got a replacement car and left the city to pick up Hiroko in Palm Cove. After another short […]

The dry side of the Tablelands

A rainy day in the wet subtropics. The third in a row – and this is the dry season. Two weeks ago we went for another trip to the Atherton Tablelands and had a totally different climate. We visited the area around Mareeba, a town about 50km away from Cairns. Although it’s only 30km away […]

Atherton Tablelands

There is a beautiful piece of earth called Atherton Tablelands just half a hour south of Cairns. I planned on going there for some time and for Sunday I got a couple of mates together and rented a car. Renting the car was quite cheap, my old boss gave me a discount and thus it […]

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