Thai Monks get high

Every now and then I had a chat with monks in SEA and never before have I come across religious persons so easy to get along with. They are curious, friendly and never made the slightest attempt to push their beliefs on me. Being a monk is not a life-long commitment, many young men leave […]

Leaving the Land of Smiles

This morning I decided to pamper myself and support the local economy by taking a taxi to Phaya Thai station. Yet when I stepped onto Silom, the whole road was jammed. Alas, once again I’m back to carrying my backs through the streets and crowded skytrains. The Bangkok Post recently reported about delays at the […]

Another Night in Bangkok

Even if one is not into binge-drinking and sex-tourism, a night in Bangkok has a lot to offer. Especially for those with a camera in their hands. The BTS stations are a nice spot because they show the street life from above. The streets in the tourist areas are lined with make-shift markets but the […]

Bangkok Sightseeing

With daytime temperatures in the painful range, it’s worth it to get up early and do the outdoorsy stuff before it gets too hot. Couchsurfer Czharina joined me here in Bangkok and yesterday morning we went to do some templing. The central pier is just a short BTS ride from the hostel and taking a […]

Nakhon to Bangkok

Another adventure. Nakhon Si doesn’t have any public transportation to the airport. My friendly helpers at the hotel organised a ‘shuttle bus’ for me but I wasn’t happy with it. It was to leave town at 3 and the check-in for my flight would close at 3:30. No problem they told me, we are small […]

Bangkok – once again

It must the the 7th time I’m heading to Bangkok from either abroad or a domestic location. My options of getting there this time were diverse and mostly unattractive. Due to the upcoming Songkran festival all beds on the overnight train are sold out and all I could have gotten was a seat in 3rd […]

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