Bagan is a dusty place – and this is just the end of the rainy season! Under the shower the water quickly turns brown and when I open the computer, I have to give it a quick wipe first. During sunset the haze does add to the spectacle though.


I’ve started the day with another sunrise, don’t know the last time I got up at 5:00 twice in a row. Might be a lifetime first!


On the way back to the hostel (need some sleep if I get up that early), I come by a farmer and his wife. He waves me over, hands me something and smiles “peanut!”. And indeed, it’s peanuts fresh from the field.


Once again I dodge the mid-day heat and only head out after 15:00. Discovering the small sandy streets with the e-bike is quite fun. By now I’ve gotten a feeling for it and happily drift around.


Most of the pagodas here are built by the same pattern: Centre pillar, Buddhas on four sites and somewhere a stairway to the top. In the smaller temples, these stairways are so small that I touch both walls with my shoulders and am almost on all fours on the way up. After dark it’s an interesting atmosphere inside.

IMG_0719 IMG_0723 IMG_0737

Once dusk approaches, farmers herd their goats and cattle back home, creating somewhat of a traffic jam on the dusty ways.


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