Lazy Days

There isn’t really anything to see or do in Vientiane. Except for temples but I had my fair share of these. Thus I haven’t been doing much, just sitting at the Mekong, drinking cold Beerlao (quite good) and watching the sun set. Hiro arrived yesterday and in the next days we want to head up […]

Warm Vientiane

The weather in Vientiane is sunny with temperatures in the low 30s. Much better than Hanoi where overcast days and morning temperatures of 20° made the locals bring out their coats and jackets. It really was a bit chilly there. With the temperatures back in a comfortable range, I decided to get my head a […]

Laos from above

Once again, time to get up early. My taxi was to pick me up at 6:30 and I needed some time to enjoy one of these Vietnamese coffees. The ride to the airport was shorter than expected and I arrived half an hour before check-in opened. That’s something new for a change, usually I queue […]

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