Warm Vientiane

The weather in Vientiane is sunny with temperatures in the low 30s. Much better than Hanoi where overcast days and morning temperatures of 20° made the locals bring out their coats and jackets. It really was a bit chilly there.

With the temperatures back in a comfortable range, I decided to get my head a bit of fresh air and went to the hairdresser around the corner. Now I’ve met a fair share of gay hairdressers in my life but none of them wore bras and see-through shirts. Didn’t bother me, the haircut was well done. There was another guy sitting in the shop, looking at me dreamily and humming along to the Celine Dion song on the radio. Funny experience, seems like Laos is quite gay-friendly.

Vientiane sits at the Mekong and up here the river looks way more tame than down in the delta. Maybe the ever-present floods have an end after all.

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