Valdanos Adventure

5km north of Ulcinj a bay called Valdanos lures with a nice beach and 17,000 olive trees. Following its call, some of us took a taxi for the short ride out and had a look around. The beach is nice but “sadly”, after many months in Australia and Asia, it’s hard to impress me on […]


Muesli with sweet, ripe figs from the tree outside my room – that’s a nice start into the day! I’ve spent the days mostly with holiday activities. Eating good food, going for a swim in the ocean or chatting to other travellers. Yesterday some of us went for a small hike along the coastline in […]

More Montenegro

After some back-and-forth I’ve altered the travel route a little and am intending to travel down the coast instead of going back inland. Getting to Skopje from Podgorica would have required to cross back over the Dinaric Alps and would have meant either a gruelling 12h bus ride or a 300 Euro flight. Neither was […]

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