Turnover and Brains

Finding a good place to eat in developing countries can pose a bit of a challenge. Tracking down eateries that serve yummy food is obviously important, but actually poses less of a problem. Simply because if the food at a place is not to your liking, you can just write off the dollar and try […]

Laid back in Pokhara

It’s safe to say that my current lifestyle isn’t the most stressful. Just to clarify: I do work and it’s usually five days a week. I just don’t work too much. Pokhara lends itself to a more relaxed attitude. Traffic on the main road is never dense and pedestrians’ walking speed by the lake is […]

10 Days Himalayas

Right then, tomorrow is the big day (play the intro of Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger here). Heading out on the longest trek of my life. Considering that the two days back in Laos were the longest so far, it’s quite an increment. That being said, the treks around here have a reputation for […]

The touristy corner of Pokhara

Tourism in Pokhara and Nepal in general was badly hit by the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake and the following Indian border closure that resulted in a severe lack of gas, petrol and many other things needed during winter time. These days, parts of the main tourist area in Pokhara look like a ghost town. […]

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