Still not digging Canada

So there I was, in Canada. Thinking about what I was doing there, in Canada. Every day. I didn’t come up with an answer. I felt like I wanted to leave though, there wasn’t much doubt about that. But having spent a fair bit of time and money on the visa and the flight, I […]

In French

At a sandwich store yesterday, I order in English. The guy behind the counter is big, with a coarse face. Somebody you’d see as a bad guy in a James Bond movie. While we wait for my order, he asks if I speak any French. “Only a little bit”, I reply in French. A smile […]

Montreal Thoughts

Montreal has been quite bearable so far, with sunshine and blue sky every day. There are signs of the harsh winters around though. Half the city can be reached underground and any door leading from the big complexes to the outside is designed to keep the cold outside. It’s a big western city, so in […]

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