Still not digging Canada

So there I was, in Canada. Thinking about what I was doing there, in Canada. Every day.

I didn’t come up with an answer. I felt like I wanted to leave though, there wasn’t much doubt about that. But having spent a fair bit of time and money on the visa and the flight, I thought that just leaving might be a waste.

Maybe I would regret leaving. But I couldn’t think of any reason why. Like stated before, Canada never much interested me and if I do want to visit it in the future, there’s always a tourist visa to come back to.

So leaving. But where to? It’s not like I WANT to go back to Germany. But it’s the devil I know. Find a room somewhere, get some stability, see what I feel like in a month or two.

Buying an airfare on rather short notice isn’t much fun and I ended up with a ticket for never-on-time airline WowAir. Will have a grueling 13h layover in Reykjavik before getting on a Norwegian flight. Intending to stay in Oslo for a bit before returning to the home country.

This feels like a rather major fuck-up, something like Kiwi-country in 2011…

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