Cultural Heritage the Second

On my last day in Kota Bharu I spent a lot of time at the local franchise of a big international fast food chain, trying to use their internet for my travel plans. It was horribly slow though and the location rather noise, resulting in me deciding to leave the next day and doing the […]

Kota Bharu

Travel guides, either printed or online, pretty much agree that there is not much to see in Kota Bharu. And right they are. One of the few sights is the big central market, conveniently located near the hostel. I went there with two fellow backpackers I met at the hostel. The market is, compared to […]

The conservative Corner

Yesterday an 8h bus ride brought me to the north-eastern part of Malaysia. It was another of these really comfy buses, definitely not the worst way to travel and definitely better than any train I’ve seen in SEA. At a time the ride got a bit painful when they started playing some Malay pop music. […]

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