Kota Bharu

Travel guides, either printed or online, pretty much agree that there is not much to see in Kota Bharu. And right they are.

One of the few sights is the big central market, conveniently located near the hostel. I went there with two fellow backpackers I met at the hostel. The market is, compared to the one in Melaka, a dirty and smelly hole. One of the butchers had sense of humour though and handed me his axe to give chopping bones a crack. It was surprising how many bone splinters I found all over my clothes even hours later.

We had a relaxed day after that, strolling around town, enjoying the non-existant sights and drinking coffee in air-conned malls.

In the evening local couchsurfer Nik joined us for a visit of the local night food market. She recommended trying a local speciality, blue rice. It looks rather weird but doesn’t have a strong taste, just plain rice.

I’m working on lining out my travels in Thailand at the moment. The fact that my new hostel doesn’t have wifi doesn’t make it exactly easy.

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