Land Day

Yesterday evening I got into a conversation with an Israeli guy, also staying at the hostel. As was my plan for this trip, I enquired about his views on the country, the history and the current situation. He is a student at the Jerusalem university and described his political position as left-liberal. He gave me […]

Sodom and Gomorrah

Keeping with the biblical analogies, I think I’ve found the modern day sin pool. But all in well order. The day started nice and sunny. In the air-conned breakfast hall, everybody was keeping to the shadowy side of the room. It was 30+ at eight in the morning. At around 9, my dive guide for […]

Through the Desert

This “through the desert” is historically a big thing around here. But don’t know about the details, not very firm on my bible studies. My trip started at the central bus station in Jerusalem and led straight through the hills of Jerusalem into the desert. The area is not exactly hospitable but in the beginning […]

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