Cádiz revisited

Cádi, as the locals call it, left a good impression with me the last time I went (late 2015). Wanting to get out of Berlin for a few days and seeing that flights into Jerez were dirt-cheap, I decided to have a second look. The weekend was fairly busy with heaps of visitors from the […]

Cádiz final

Joined a 2h walking tour today (free/by donation), learned a bit about the city’s history and picked up some fun facts along the way. Napoleon never managed to conquer the city and when he finally retreated, he left behind his cannons. To this day they serve as “corner protectors” for the houses’ edges in the […]


Cádiz, one of the oldest cities in Europe and surrounded on 3 3/4 sides by water is currently providing me with shelter within its ancient walls. The old town is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. The buildings are in good shape, free of satellite dishes and the alleys too narrow to park cars. […]

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