Berlin Basketball

Went to see a premier league basketball game for – I think – the first time in my life. Berlin was playing Ulm in the quarterfinals. Such a relaxed and family friendly affair. I only have soccer as a comparison, where it’s usually a lot of drunk people and heaps of police, versus… this: Only […]

CSD Berlin 2017

Berlin police recently demonstrated at their Hamburg visit, that the capital knows how to party. Today it was the LGBT(etc.) community’s turn.   Warm temperatures went along well with everybody’s desire to wear as little as possible. Somehow… animals were quite the thing this year. I don’t think it was that prevalent in 2016. And […]

Nakba Day

Nakba is an Arabic word, translating to “Catastrophe”. It refers to the begin of the occupation of Palestine in 1948 and “Nakba Day” commemorates that event every year. Earlier today I joined a demonstration that had been organised by the local Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) chapter and a couple of other groups. The participants […]

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