Mixed Experience With Tao Philippines

Time for a few words on that five day trip I just came off. To summarize: it was ok. While advertised as an expedition, it was really just an island cruise with all needs catered for. That’s still ok but simply not what I expected. What they delivered (cruising through beautiful tropical islands, camping on […]

El Nido

Arrived in town yesterday and checked into what must have been the worst value for money accommodation I ever stayed at. The mediocre location and the small room I could have lived with, but without working fan and shower I really don’t want to pay $30 a night…  Found myself something nicer and am now […]

More Diving?

Much to my own surprise, I did some more diving today. This time it wasn’t wrecks but reefs instead. Not too bad for a change. Tomorrow I’m leaving on a five day cruise with Tao Philippines. Just had the briefing and it seems to be an interesting group of 14 people on the boat. No […]

Wrecks, Wrecks, Wrecks

If, from reading this blog, you got the idea that I do little more than diving and eating, then that is not too far from the truth. The occasional hour is spent at a massage or with walking around of course. Other than that it is reading philosophy books and thinking about how simply by […]


Waking up to the sound of Whitney Houston and the smell of frying garlic – could life get any better? My accommodation is located smack in the middle of a Philippino neighborhood. And I mean RIGHT in the middle. When the guy next door farts, I will know about it. Being on vacation and not […]

Wreck Diving

Another first! This time it was wreck diving, something I had had on my list for quite a while. As already mentioned, Coron is a great place for this as the surrounding waters feature more than a dozen wrecks, most of them 100+ meter long ships in good condition. Today it took us more than […]

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