Mixed Experience With Tao Philippines

Time for a few words on that five day trip I just came off. To summarize: it was ok. While advertised as an expedition, it was really just an island cruise with all needs catered for. That’s still ok but simply not what I expected.

What they delivered (cruising through beautiful tropical islands, camping on their beaches, reef snorkeling, a look at the locals, fresh local food), they delivered well. I think one of the main “issues” for me was that I had done all that before. Taking into account the time I lived in Cairns, I have now spent about a year of my life in the tropics.

What also spoiled the experience a little was that I was very eager for some rest and relaxing and not so much for mixing and mingling. Some of the others didn’t take it overly well that I was keeping mostly to myself but still, with half of the group I got along fine. 

So much for the “downsides”, here comes the good stuff.

Base camp night 2:


Dinner night 3 (yes, it’s a whole pig):


Sunset at camp:


Going to school:



Last base camp:


Boat life:


Random island:


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